IDMA Plugin

Plugin for FileMaker pro which adds several functions, including (but not limited to);

  • Global Text, Number and Container arrays
  • HTTP Get / Post functions, including support for proxy servers, background requests.
  • Mail sending in plain or html formatting, including attachments, etc.
  • Execute command line commands, including fmsadmin
  • Progress Bars
  • Calculation Engine
  • File / Folder creation, editing, moving, copying, etc.
  • Create / extract zip files
  • Trigger scripts, on idle, immediately or at a set time
  • XML creation / data extraction
  • JSON creation / data extraction

Download v4.29

When you unzip the download, you should get the following files

  • IDMA.fmplugin (plugin for Mac, 32/64 universal)
  • IDMA.fmx (plugin for Windows - 32 bit)
  • IDMA.fmx64 (plugin for Windows - 64 bit)
  • IDMA_Plugin.fmp12 (Documentation, as FileMaker Database)

The IDMA plugin will run without restriction for up to 30 days without registration. After that time, all functions will be disabled until registered.


The IDMA plugin can be purchased for US$399.00 for a cross platform developer license.

The developer license entitles you to use the IDMA plugin within a single FileMaker solution using either Mac or Windows.